Pelican Top

The Pelican is a sit on top touring kayak with the emphasis on user-friendliness.

Shorter than traditional touring kayaks, the Pelican is very nimble and easy to handle.  It has significant rocker on the stern in order to make it very responsive to the rudder, therefore it tracks well with the rudder but not without the rudder.  The rocker on the bow makes it a pleasure on downwind runs. Two large hatches allow you to store all the gear you need for extended trips.  Carry handles are fitted on either side at the point of balance.

The Pelican has large volume which provides excellent stability and load carrying capacity.  The cockpit and foot wells are deep which enhance the comfort and back support and increase stability due to the low centre of gravity.  The trade off is that the foot wells are less likely to drain completely depending on load and forward speed.

Pelican Diag FPelican Diag R

2011 Updates

We’ve revised the Pelican based on customer feedback. The changes are to the cockpit and the drainage and we have created an optional ARX type deck for it. The foot wells are lower and the drain holes are larger so we have had to go to external venturis, however they are solid and sloped to the rear to prevent damage.  A trade-off with lower foot wells mean a higher water level at the same speed and load.  The foot wells can be padded up with closed cell foam if desired.

The day hatch is now blended into the console and it can be opened with the ARX deck in place. The deck can be detachable as shown or permanently bonded in place.

This kayak represents a good sit on top option for a paddler looking for an even more stable boat than the Skua.  The reliability and user-friendliness of the Pelican makes it very appealing as a day tripper and for recreational paddling.


The Pelican is suitable for all paddlers from novices through to experienced.


  • Comfortable cockpit with back support
  • Tracks well with the rudder and turns fast
  • Excellent all round stability
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Large hatches
  • Two bulkheads
  • Rudder with uphaul / downhaul
  • Pedal steering with self-adjusting rudder lines
  • Drains in the footwells


Length: 4 750 mm
Width: 620 mm
Load Capacity: 140 kg
Weight: 23 kg