_IMG_3820Kaskazi loungers are moulded from glass fibre with a marine grade colour finish. Both the back and the front surfaces are moulded making them attractive to look at from any angle. They are completely maintenance free and will last a lifetime.

The standard surface finish is high gloss making them easy to clean. They can be supplied in a satin finish if preferred. They are also suitable for vinyl wrapping so can be branded in unlimited ways with graphics or prints.

The dimensions are 206 x 57 cm so they can accommodate people of any height.  They weigh only 8 kg so they are easy to move about and store.

The beautiful sweeping curves are designed so that you rock back simply by shifting your position. The contours make them super comfortable without the need for cushions, so they really are hassle-free outdoor furniture.  They are available in the following standard colours, other colours on request.

Price R4995.00

Volume discount 1% per unit up to a maximum of 20% for 21 units._IMG_3813