JetboilJet boil

Heat, eat, and drink from this ultra-compact 1 litre unit. Ideal for coffee or tea on the go, dehydrated meals, remote worksites, emergency kits.

Coffee plungerCoffee plunger

Why settle for instant coffee when you can sip your favorite brew on your next excursion? The featherweight Coffee Press brings civilization with you, even to the most uncivilized locations

Companion cupCompanion cup

The fuel miser companion cup lets you shave more weight by sharing your burner base and fuel with friends. With a variety of colors to choose from, it’s easy to pick your own. Bring one for each member of your group and turn up your appetite!

WX TEX Deck ConsoleWX TEX Deck Console

A clean and well designed paddling console

WX TEX Hull BagsWX TEX Hull Bags

Built for sea kayaks with all types of hatches, in concert with our Sea Bag tapered dry sacks, these highly water resistant zip duffels are tapered for a tailored fit into either the bow or stern compartment      Hull Bag I, II & III

WX TEX Deck SternWX TEX Deck Stern

A roll top kayak bag that mounts on the stern deck, giving you low profile storage for those extra extended trips.

WX TEX Sea BagsWX TEX Sea Bags

We’ve created our bow and stern waterproof Sea Bags to take advantage of the farthest crevices of your boat for dry gear storage while maintaining critical flotation should you roll.     Sea Bag

ARK DrybagsARK Drybags

Rolls down and clips closed to form watertight seal and convenient carry handle. Keeps small essentials dry and accessible. 500-gm PVC-coated nylon with thermo-welded seams. Available as a 5 litre, 30 litre, 40 litre & 60 litre. Also available as a backpack (Except 5 litre). Available in red, yellow and blue. Also available as a backpack.

Light Sabre BiviLight Sabre Bivi

Our Superlight bivy for the gram-counting minimalist concerned with comfort, the Lightsabre combines the Bibler Tripod Bivy design with ultralight, highly packable Epic water-repellent, breathable canopy fabric and a waterproof SilNylon floor.