Thule Roof RacksThule Roof racks

Manufactured in Germany and has superior quality in terms of design, functions and the aerodynamic properties. Thule’s range include racks, kayak wedges or Hydroglide and unique tie downs with rubber protection for buckle.

Holdfast Roof racksHoldfast Roof racks

Manufactured locally. Include racks for most cars, busy updating their catalogue.

Kaskazi Storage racksKaskazi Storage Racks

Kaskazi racks can store 1 – 2 kayaks alongside each other. You can choose width. Simply bolt to the wall for easy storage.

Eckla kayak trolleysKayak Trolleys

Made of solid aluminium tube, rustproof, with a seat of heavy nylon, with padding. Inflatable tyres with standard car valve. Easy storage, folds down and wheels detach.

Kaskazi Boat bagsKaskazi Boat Bags

Durable, weatherproof nylon covers or bags for any of our kayaks. Great for storage outdoors or convenient kayak travel bag. Available in blue, black or red.

Kaskazi Cockpit coversKaskazi Cockpit Covers & Paddle Bags

Cockpit covers are useful for travelling, reduces drag by covering necessary crevices. Keeps crawling bugs out of your kayak. Kaskazi paddle bags made to fit 1 or 2 paddles. For extra padding place paddle in bubble wrap.