Kaskazi Wing Paddle

Kaskazi wing paddles are high performance paddles aimed at intermediate to competitive paddlers although they are sufficiently forgiving for beginners. They are very stable in the water, exhibit very good grip and there is absolutely no flutter. The blades are available in 3 sizes: The medium Kaskazi beta is suited to most paddlers, smaller paddlers and children may prefer the smaller Kaskazi alpha and the large Kaskazi delta is aimed at very strong paddlers who enjoy paddling with a slower cadence. The blades can be fitted to either glass or 40% carbon shafts and set at any length required.

The blades are manufactured in carbon fibre or fibreglass using a vacuum bagging process to ensure consistent strength and stiffness and to minimise weight. Carbon fibre paddles weigh in at under 900g and fibreglass blades are just over 1000g which is exceptionally light for fibreglass. The stiffness of the Kaskazi blades is without parallel.

Knysna Racing Paddles Lettmann 1

A popular wing blade, very forgiving and great for novices. Deep and long enough for strong paddlers.  Handles superbly well in choppy waters. Available in glass- or carbon-fibre. Length 500mm, Width 158 mm

Knysna Racing Paddles Max

A short blade well suited for smaller or shorter paddlers. Very comfortable with good water holding capacity. Length 460 mm, Width 158 mm

Knysna Racing Paddles Albatross

Large volume blade suits rough water and strong shoulders. Length 485 mm, Width 165 mm

Knysna Racing Paddles Samson

Well suited for family fun, conventional blade. Available in glass- or carbon-fibre. L 520mm, 195 mm

Set Paddle Endorfin

Well suited for everyday or long distance paddling. Very economic blade suitable for novice to expert paddlers.
Glass or carbon

Paddle connection Taperlocks

Taper lock connection allows for length adjustment up to 7cm You can set your own angle. Two piece construction for easy transport. Length = 485mm, Width = 162mm