Aquapac waterproof cell phone, GPS holderAquapac waterproof cell phone/GPS holder



We have a selection of day and night flares. Handheld smoke flares, Pencil Flares, Handheld flares and more!


Waterproof First Aid Kit

Includes: CPR Mouthpiece, Triangular Bandage, Antiseptic Cream, 10 Plasters, 25G, Adult Latex Gloves, 10 Paracetemol Tablets, 75MM Bandage, No.3 First Aid Dressing, 5 Cottonwool Balls, Pck Sterile Gauze Swabs Sterile, 3 Safety Pins, Scissors Universal, 16Cm, Metal Forceps, Rescue Blanket, 10 Anti Nausea Tablets, 10X10 Burn Dressing, 14g Sachet Rehydration Powder, First Aid Instruction Pamphlet

Scotty Kayak pump

Double action bilge pump. Stainless steel piston rod for strength and durability. Comes with orange float. Only 47 cm in length for easy storage.


Princeton – Eco Flare

Make yourself visible with the Eco Flare personal locator light. An essential safety item for sea kayakers, it comes complete with two bulbs: one for constant area light and a flashing red LED. Whether you’re paddling through shipping lanes or just across the bay, Eco Flare™ will allow you to be seen.

Princeton Aquastrobe

This outdoor and marine survival light is designed to be a real lifesaver. 2 AAA batteries

Princeton Sport Flare

The Sport Flare ensures that you’ll be seen on all those low-visibility, dark nights. 2 x AA batteries

Yukon Halogen Headlamp

3 Ultrabright LEDs & a xenon bulb – a perfect headlamp.

Throw rope

An all-in-one waistband towrope. A 10m throw bag attached by Velcro to an elasticised waistband with a quick release buckle. This can function as both a more traditional throw bag, or as an all-in-one towrope. This is ideal for river guides, and sea and river kayakers who are serious about safety. Unlike many other systems this one works with only a single handed approach, it can be passed between paddlers, can be used for both water based rescues and those performed from the river bank or shore and it is not linked to your PFD. The stretch in the waistband is essential for towing over any distance. Made with foam so it will float.

Platypus PFD Hydrator

This is ideal for sea kayakers out on long trips or paddling in any conditions. The Hydrator has a water capacity of 1.8 litres. A hang loop at the top of the pak allowed me to hang it up in camp as a central water supply. Platypus thoughtfully created a mesh back to drain the water in case of an impromptu swim. The label attached says you can wear the pak under your lifejacket, but I found it much more comfortable on the outside. Platypus features a Hyper Flow bite valve, and a lapel clip. The reservoir is fully insulated with closed-cell foam that won’t soak up water.


You have always wanted an excuse to have one of these, now is your chance!