Kaskazi Spray DeckSpraydecks are there to provide a protective seal between the cockpit of the kayak and you. They can be made from anything from Nylon to Neoprene. The water-tightness varies greatly and in the case of Nylon decks depends on the thickness and coating of the Nylon. Any stitching will often reduce the waterproof quality of the deck. In the case of Neoprene the quality and thickness of the neoprene will play a role in the water proofing. Generally speaking the neoprene decks are warmer and drier, the nylon decks cooler and less waterproof. The key to a good spray deck is a good fit, with no extra material that will form huge dams around you.

Kaskazi nylon spray decks

Cut for all Kaskazi kayaks. Nice fit, with a handle across the front for quick easy release. One size fits all, but we can custom make decks as well. Very competitively priced. Available with braces to keep you drier high and dry. Available in red, black, navy or royal blue.

Coral Neoprene Spraydecks

Available in black
Size XS to XL