Advanced Kayak TrainingThis module is ideal for the sea kayaker who has done the Introductory Course and now wants to enhance paddling knowledge and capabilities. At the end of the course the participants should be able to demonstrate and or have knowledge of the following:


  • Hip/body bracing and paddle bracing
  • Paddling forward, in reverse and sideways
  • Effective turning of a kayak using both paddles and rudders
  • Good pre-launch preparation and trip planning
  • Effective straight line kayaking – into/with/side-on to wind and swells
  • Integrating the theory of weather into on-the-water warning signs
  • Constant sea condition evaluation
  • Line-of-sight navigation and knowledge of paddling in low visibility conditions
  • Use of kelp as safety zones and navigating through rock gardens and kelp


This will be based on the individual’s needs or requests.


  • Focus on the individual’s paddling technique
  • Manoeuvring your kayak in confined areas
  • Bracing technique
  • Capsize and rescue ability of one self and another paddler
  • Launch and landing proficiency
  • Safety and expedition planning abilities discussed