Kayak Training Surf 1This training module will assist you in enjoying not only launching and landing in surf zones, but to spend hours enjoying the abilities of your kayak in the waves.


  • Successful pre-launch preparation and planning
  • Launching and landing through surf up to 1 m
  • Effective straight line kayaking – into/with/side-on to waves
  • Efficient rudder and paddle use to maintain a course irrespective of conditions
  • Side surf a kayak in surf up to 1m and enjoy playing with a kayak in the surf zone
  • Reverse landing in surf


This is dependent on the individual. Individually one hour instruction, another hour of practice makes perfect.

Kayak Training Surf 2Structure

  • Safety and sea condition briefing
  • Instructor will help you familiarize yourself with kayak and conditions
  • Once comfortable, assist you to launch safely through on coming surf with awareness on paddling technique in a surf zone
  • Instructor will assist until you feel confident in waves up to 1m
  • Practice bracing technique and understand how a kayak behaves while running down a wave, focus on effective use of your paddle and/or rudder
  • Remain calm and practice of getting back into your kayak should you capsize
  • Awareness of other people in the surf, etiquette and right of way.