Kayak Training

Kaskazi Kayaks And Adventures is committed to sea kayak safety and therefore offer an introductory paddling proficiency course to encourage paddlers to learn the fundamentals of kayaking safety.
About Training
No experience is required and we provide all the necessary safety gear as well as the kayaks. If you have your own kayak it is preferable to complete the course in it to ensure maximum benefit form the course.
Awareness of safety equipment and rescue procedures
Ability to paddle and manoeuvre a kayak competently
Knowledge of your limitations in terms of kayak, weather and sea conditions
Familiarity with the coastline from Granger Bay to Clifton
Awareness of capsize and rescue techniques
08:00 – 08:15 Introduction and weather forecast check
08:15 – 09:00 learn and practice the 5 fundamental paddling strokes on the beach: (Forward, Reverse, Forward Sweep, Reverse Sweep and Brace)
09:00 – 10:00 Launch, stability and manoeuvring of a kayak in the confines of the bay
10:00 – 10:15 Break
10:15 – 10:30 Pre-launch kayak safety check & route brief
10:30 – 12:00 Practice above mentioned skills with focus on group safety, weather conditions and observing the coastline. Awareness of your capabilities
12:00 – 12:30 Introduction to capsize and rescue
13:30 – Optional individual demos of Kaskazi kayaks
Duration: 4 hours
When: All Year
Where: Kaskazi Kayaks And Adventures, 179 Beach Road, Mouille Point, Cape Town, 8005.WeatherStable seas
What to Wear: Comfortable beach wear (quick dry clothing is not essential but it is more comfortable). You can change and leave bags in the shop. There are lockers with padlocks for valuables. You typically get wet during the capsize exercises so you can bring a towel and a change of clothes for afterwards.
Things to Bring: Sun protection (such as suncream, a hat and sunglasses) as well as water, should you wish to drink something.
Guests or Spectators: Beach front walks, restaurant close by
Minimum Age:14 years
Minimum Height: 0.0 m
Maximum Height: 0.0 m
Fitness Level: No Fitness Requirement
Qualifications: No Previous Paddling Experience Is Needed.
Maximum Weight: 130.0 kg
Certification: None Required
Experience Level: No Experience Requirement
Inclusions and Exclusions
Inclusions: All kayaking and safety gear.
Exclusions: Items of a personal nature.

7 reviews from people who took this experience

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Mary Terry May, 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed my introductory course to sea kayaking. It was a wonderful experience with a steep learning curve! Having never kayaked before, I found the three hours plus on the water pretty tiring, but I learnt and saw so much in that time that I have no complaints or regrets. Art, the instructor, was competent and encouraging. I now felt much more confident about joining a group expedition, which I did last week, a magical never-to-be forgotten adventure that I was able to participate in with a reasonable level of competence thanks to the Intro Course I had completed. Highly recommended.

Sue Hawkridge May, 2019

Good safety and weather preparation, unobtrusive but careful supervision where needed, excellent tuition, and effective capsize training :) Such a lovely morning - the dolphins were wonderful and the company most pleasant. Thank you all. Sue

Greg May, 2019

he training experience was very practical and insightful. Art (amazing instructor) took us through the safety aspects (and dangers) of paddling in the Sea Pont area. He helped us to see the need to have a healthy respect for the ocean and at the same time enjoy the beauty of the coastline. The kayak training was very practical as we were not only taught the basics of paddling and steering, but also how to respond in an emergency. (Capsizing) We practiced a few rescues and managed to do it successfully. (With Art’s direction) I would recommend the training program to all kayakers as it provides you with further confidence when out on the water

Simon kay May, 2019

Spent the morning with art learning the basics of using a kayak at sea. Perfect comprehensive introduction, especially for someone like myself who has not spent any time at sea. Covering safety, weather, control, various strokes. Most of all had a lot of fun out on the water too with Art a who is extremely knowledgeable. Brilliant way to get familiar with a sea kayak and the coast near sea point.

Charlene Weiss May, 2019

It was great. Trainer was friendly and patient. Looking forward to joining more group paddles!